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My Secret Assistant provides the assistance you need to free your time and allow you to focus on your essentials.

How Does it work ?

Why My Secret Assistant

If you are struggling to find the time to complete all of your "have to" tasks. You have come to the right place! My Secret Assistant is here to help with any duty to lighten your workload. Our team will assist with task completions to ensure your success and free your time for essentials.

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My Secret Assistant offers different levels of assistance. Browse through our plan options to select the plan that fits your needs.

Pay As You Go

Different Price Options based on tasks and completion deadline

Start $50

Membership Per month
or $558 a Year (7% off)

Pulse $100

Membership Per month or $1116 a year (7% off)

Rapid $200

Membership Per month
or $2232 a Year (7% off)

Company Membership

Company membership options are available.